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Day Luxi Sunset Lover
I was listening to the song Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit and this girl popped into my head. Every time I draw fan art of her she's always sad :( 

This lovely lady belongs to my dear friend R-A-Enbows and Necrosynchronization necrosynchronization.deviantar…
Hi everybody, 

I've recently joined a few RP groups and I wanted to make my personal rules very clear.

1. Nothing sexual, flirting and kissing is ok but nothing sexual!

2. You must be 18+, please don't lie about this either; if I am in anyway unsure of your age I won't RP with you. 

3.Unless you want to write the starter I would be happy to^^

Thank you all for your understanding.
Character Ref: Chelsea Adelstein

((I had a bit of trouble with the sizing on this piece, I'm still trying to learn how to do stuff like that. But I think this gets the point across; I will most likely edit it later to fit properly))

Name: Chelsea Adelstein

Age: 22

Gender: Female



Occupation: Runs a cryptozoology blog/Ebay sales women/Neighborhood Dog-Walker/Pet Babysitter


    Chelsea lives in the attic of her parent's suburban home and spends most of her time updating her blog, examining her latest finds or buying and selling wet Specimens on eBay. Her “real” job (if you could call it that) is walking the neighborhood dogs and or babysitting the neighborhood pets when their owners are away. Her parents have been desperately trying to get her to make something of her life, but she is perfectly content trying to prove the existence of supernatural beings.


Paranoid: Her area of interest sometimes requires exploration into some very unsettling conspiracy theories, government organizations and things of that nature. So she is often paranoid for her own safety fearing that she might stumble across something she shouldn't.

Defensive: Due to the sheer number of non-believers out there she has had to stand her ground pretty aggressively. Because of this she is very sensitive to her people putting down her ideas and will quickly lash out to defend herself.

Impulsive: This idiot would be the one who runs towards the danger in a horror movie. ‘Jumping the fence into private property’ no problem as long as she gets a pic of that supposed sasquatch.

Creative: Chelsea loves to decorate; she has decorated everything she owns in some way or another; she has even dyed her hair purple just for the hell of it.  

Determined: Nothing will stop her in her quest to prove that the world is more interesting than it seems. Once she has a goal in mind she will stick to it until it comes to fruition.

Quick-witted: She can think on her feet or be at the ready with the perfect excuse or come back to get out of or into a situation.

Morbid Curiosity: Never content with the typical she seeks to find the strange and unusual. Whether that be trying to decipher ancient texts or dissecting things. Nothing is off the table if it's out of the ordinary.


All that dog walking has come in handy her sprinting and cardio skills are fantastic. Chelsea has also dabbled slightly in parkour for easy escapes.

She can dodge and run away like a pro.


I mean she’s a human so….anything that can kill a human I guess.


She is very secretive about how she got the scars on her face.

She always has a bad case of bed head.

(If you wanna RP feel free to message me on DA. Pacific time zone) 

Re-Draw AEAH: Strudel Peter
((I've wanted to re-draw her now for some time, now that my art skills have improved and I have a better program I was finally able to do so. I tryed to emulate the original EAH style as best I could. A side from a few edits her personality is pretty much the same with a few changes))

Parent's Story: Der Struwwelpeter
Age: 17
Height: 5'3
Weight: 100lbs
Birthday: July 21
Star Sign: Cancer
Division: Rebel

Salutations, my name is Strudel and I’m the daughter of Struwwelpeter aka Slovenly Peter. My story might not be horrifically tragic but I find it depressing nonetheless. Basically I'm a walking allegory for what happens when you don’t keep up your physical appearance. I.e not cutting your nails/hair and being rejected by society because of it. The worst part is I try really hard to keep myself well groomed but my hair and nails keep on growing and growing; I’m like a sad version of repunzel. I do have a dream though, to break as far away from my story as possible by becoming...The fairest of them all!

Interview Questions:
What is your heart's desire?
My deepest heart’s desire is to be the fairest of them all like my idol apple white and encourage others to follow their hearts...or at the very least to make some friends who can see beyond my story.

What "Magic Touch" makes you special?
My nails and hair grow at an incredibly fast rate, which as you an imagine makes salon bills a nightmare.

Does anything make you shout "Oh Curses!"?
When people turn up their noses in disgust and walk away before even getting to know me. I take a shower everyday for fairies sake!

What's your storybook status?
I am currently single and looking for that special prince (or any guy really) who truly thinks I’m beautiful inside and out.

What's your favorite subject at school?
Princessology, just because I’m not a princess doesn’t mean I can’t feel like one. Besides all of the past fairest ones have taken this class, maybe some of their grace will rub off on me.  

What about your least favorite subject?
Hero Training Teacher/Dragon Slaying, call me old fashioned but I like being the one rescued not the other way around.  

Who are your best friends 'till the end?
No one so far here's hoping though.

Additional Info
-Usually misses her first class trying to tame her mane.
-She’s wicked good at nail art, it’s her hobby.
-She’s lost many hair accessories in her mane and sometimes they fall out.
-Yes, it is hard to use a pencil with those nails.
-While most of the time she is optimistic, occasionally her low self esteem will take over.
- Being exposed to her father's sloppy nature growing up has caused her to become a bit of a neat freak.
-Call her a bit old fashioned but she really wants her story to play out like a classic fairytale.
- She can be a little too obsessed with trying to impress other people.
- She has a pet turantula named Spätzle who she loves dearly.
- She enjoys writing and helping other rebels out to change their stories.
-She likes to emulate her idol Apple white, so she based her style partially on apples and partially on her own style.
I'd like to issue a formal apology to anyone on this site that I've RP'd with. I know that I can just disappear without warning, it's a really bad habit and I plan to remedy it this year. My life the past two years has been really hectic; I'm very close to meeting my goals of hopefully transferring to a four-year college. This doesn't mean I want to stop rping, but just know if I do disappear again or have disappeared in the past it probably had something to do with school. 

So Sorry again. 


P.s If you are still interested in RPing with me I'm happy to reopen or restart any old or unfinished RP's. 
Hi everybody, 

I've recently joined a few RP groups and I wanted to make my personal rules very clear.

1. Nothing sexual, flirting and kissing is ok but nothing sexual!

2. You must be 18+, please don't lie about this either; if I am in anyway unsure of your age I won't RP with you. 

3.Unless you want to write the starter I would be happy to^^

Thank you all for your understanding.


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